Deal Damage From Above Season 5 Week 4 Challenges Fortnite Chapter 2

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Dealing with damage from above is one of our least favourite Fortnite challenges.

Though it’s back again in Season 5 for Week 4, urgh!


Well, if you hate it as much as we do, we’ll be here with our top tip to help you blast through this Legendary Challenge as quickly as possible.

Let’s get into it and start claiming the high ground in Chapter 2 Season 5!

How To Deal Damage From Above.

This challenge seems really simple, but it can get annoying quick if you ask us!


And the week 4 challenges will require us to deal a total of 20,000 Damage!

That’s a fair amount, so here is our guide:

Snipe From Above

Team Rumble is going to be your friend, as it always is with damage-dealing challenges.


For this trip, we’ll recommend you grab either the Sniper Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle or a Lever Action Sniper Rifle.

Next, you’re going to want to get high, either by building or hoping the final circle give you a natural vantage point.

Now take your new weapons and start shooting the players below you!


Source: Epic Games

This strategy should keep you out of harm’s way and let you deal a bit of damage from above over time.

Rinse and repeat with this and you should slowly chip away at the challenge.

There are other strategies like aiming down with shotguns, but in the busy battle of close range it can be difficult to stay alive without trying to put extra restraints on yourself.


We hope this guide helps you beat Week 4’s Legendary Quest!