CS Manager gives eSports Fans their own Sim Game

For years, it was possible for sports fans to pretend to be the manager or star of their favourite sport, be it football, rugby or even golf, but those who love watching the drama of a Counter Strike tournament can now be in charge of their own team against thousands of other like-minded fans.

Quite similar, arguably identical to the way Football Manager is presented, the game is laid out with the option to go through your clan members, evaluate their ability, trade them in for better models, organise sponsorship deals, improve their morale and best yet - watch games live as they run around a 2D map of iconic Counter Strike levels.

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While it doesn't give you actual pro players, the game does give you thousands of wannabe professionals that are randomly generated - however you can edit their name and team name, allowing you to place yourself and your friends in the game, becoming virtual internet stars.

The game resets itself every few weeks so players have an equal chance of getting some of the higher ranked players, meaning an equal playfield and preventing some veteran players having a consistently strong advantage over anyone wanting to get into the game. Whenever you start, the team is freshly formed, so it is down to you to help them bond and become a better team for it. While the game recommends you check in every day, you can use the vacation manager if you will be away from a browser for a few days, allowing the computer to manage the team for you.

Fancy giving it a try? You can find the game here 

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