Crimsix Revealed He Issued Huke With A Cease & Desist Notice

There is never a dull moment in the Call of Duty esports world. Players often feature in social media spats surrounding a number of issues but more often than not, their differences are put aside fairly quickly. On this occasion, it's a bit more than a war of words on Twitter. Dallas Empire talisman Ian "Crimsix" Porter has revealed that he has issued a cease and desist order to former teammate Cuyler "Huke" Garland amid controversy from his exit from the Empire.

In recent weeks, Huke has been thrust into the limelight after releasing a video revealing that he won the 2020 CDL Championship while taking Adderall. Since the video was published, Huke has subsequently been demoted to the bench by the LA Thieves, but it is unlikely that the decision had anything to do with the video.

Crimsix Issues Cease & Desist

Crimsix Cease & Desist
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Following on from Huke's departure from the Empire, Crimsix has been promising to release an in-depth video detailing the situation with Huke and while the competitive COD community awaits the release of the video, Crimsix has taken to Reddit to shed more light on the situation.

"The video will be made...but there's way more going on," Crimsix reveals. He goes onto say that this video will release a huge weight from his shoulders and assures fans will get the full story once the video is released. The main talking point from the Reddit post is that the North American veteran has issued a cease and desist order to "both Garlands," implying that Huke and his brother have received one. It's unclear as to why the orders have been issued, but this recent revelation certainly makes the story even more interesting than it already is.

Where Did Issues Start?

Based on the story so far, the problems started with a downward run of form for the Empire while Huke was still on the roster. In a bid to reverse fortunes, Huke was dropped from the team but was quickly acquired by the LA Thieves. His tenure as a member of the Thieves has yet to yield success, with regular roster changes seeing the defending champion on the bench once again.

The Stage 4 Major marked a return to LAN for Call of Duty esports and as fans anticipated a thrilling event with players back in familiar territory, Huke was unable to play due to misspelling his name on a COVID test form meaning he was unable to take part. As a result, the LA Thieves drafted in a substitute but it wasn't enough as the team bowed out of the Major in last place.

After the event, Huke claims that Crimsix and the rest of the Empire players were talking to other players behind his back, alleging that he was "on psychedelics." Crimsix's video is likely to clarify many questions and until the video is published, it's unlikely that we will know the full story.

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