Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Haptic Feedback Adds New Dimension When Firing Weapons

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One of the PS5’s coolest features is included with its controllers and is known as haptic feedback.

The gimmick was shown off in one of the console’s earlier trailers, but many dismissed it as a feature that wouldn’t see much use outside of PS5 exclusives.

Though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has surprised everyone by implementing it in their new game and taking haptic feedback to the extreme!


What is Haptic Feedback?

Haptic feedback is a feature which aims to make using a controller feel more realistic.

By including a series of motors and mechanisms within the case, Sony aims to make their PS5 controller give players a life-like experience of in-game events.

Whether it’s making the trigger provide more resistance when firing a bow, or rumbling the controller when an action happens, it all adds into this feature.

Nintendo has tried something similar with their Joy-Cons’ HD Rumble Feature.

Though unfortunately it hasn’t been implemented in many non-first-party games, and haptic feedback was expected to go this way too.


Haptic Feedback in Black Ops Cold War

Though it looks as if the XP and Zombie’s Onslaught bonuses weren’t all that was instore for Playstation players. 

Playstation 5 owners will also be able to experience haptic feedback in Black Ops Cold War, with every gun feeling different.

In an interview with GameSpot Tony Flame, Lead Game Designer at Treyarch, described how every gun has been made to feel as realistic as possible.

"There is sensitivity on the trigger that represents the trigger pressure on a real weapon. All of that has been tuned in the game for each individual weapon…it gives the guns a feeling like they've never had before."

This particular feature is really cool, and it’s awesome how game developers are able to bring players more and more into their game’s virtual reality.

We can’t wait to see how else haptic feedback is used in the future!


How To Disable Haptic Feedback

Although haptic feedback is an extremely cool feature, it isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

To turn off the feature, head to the Black Ops Cold War in-game settings and to the Trigger Effect option. 

Select "Disable" and haptic feedback will not be active when playing the game.