Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: A New Clue Has Been Revealed! Teasers, News, New Bunker and More!

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Activision’s once-secret Pawn Takes Pawn website, discovered following the opening of lock-boxes on Monday, has been updated again.

Charlie Intel is back at it again reporting all the latest clues that are being revealed.


Here's the latest one!


New Page Note

Charlie Intel has tweeted out an image of the EMC2 Page Note that has now been updated for today, August 15th.



New Bunker Code and Coordinates!

Along with the update Page Note, there is also a new set of coordinates for within Warzone that streamers are going to figure out now!



The bunker has now been opened by Call of Duty YouTuber NoahJ456!

It appears to only contain a desk, with a bright red phone and an elevator that cannot be entered yet. 



Launch? Call of Duty Black Ops 1? 

Treyarch also added the below image to their Instagram story. Fans have speculated that this could be the same rocket seen on the iconic Launch map from the original Black Ops map!