BRUTES Returning To Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5?

BRUTES were one of Fortnite Season X’s most controversial inclusions.

The massive mechs were consistently described as overpowered and even got removed for a time.

Though, after Four Seasons in the vault, has the fractured Zero Point unleashed the BRUTES in Chapter 2 Season 5?

Maybe not quite yet, but here is everything we know!

Easter Egg or Hint?

If you want to see this for yourself you’ll have to head to Hunter’s Haven.

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Go to where the marker is in Hunter's Haven!

This POI can be found by players who head up to where the Sentinels were in Chapter 2 Season 4, now replaced with a village.

This collection of buildings seems ordinary enough, but as you explore you can find one where someone is working on a strange machine.

This large hull, with a seat, is very reminiscent of the BRUTES from Season X, but what could it mean?

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It could just be an easter egg, an error that snuck through into this fractured reality.

Though it could just as easily be a hint at the future!

The return of Midas’ chair, of all things, hinted at the 2020 Midas Revenge game mode.

And Tony Stark was working on those laser-firing Battle Buses most of last season!

So really who knows!

Likely the BRUTES will be tweaked compared to their Chapter 1 variants, we can’t have them breaking Fortnite a second time.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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