Black Ops Cold War: Why Does My PS4 Controller Disconnect In Mission 2 and 3?

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Black Ops Cold War has recently dropped, and we just can’t stop playing it.

We’re sure many of you too are also raking up killstreaks and making your way through the campaign.

Though, if you haven’t yet seen what the game’s story has to offer this time around, it might be a good idea to wait just a little longer.


Especially for you PS4 players, as Treyarch are investigating an issue where DualShock 4 controller randomly disconnect during mission 2 and 3, Fracture Jaw or Brick in the Wall.

Here’s everything we know about why PS4 controllers disconnect during missions 2 and 3 of the campaign in Black Ops Cold War. 

PS4 Controller Disconnecting

The issue has been reported by players attempting to beat the Fracture Jaw or Brick in the Wall campaign missions.

The second and third missions cause Bluetooth controllers, like the Dualshock 4, to randomly disconnect from the PS4.

Exactly what about these missions is causing the problems is not yet known.

The issue and cause seem so unconnected, it’s hard for us to theorise exactly what is going on.


Thankfully, not only are Treyarch investigating the issue for a full fix, but they have a workaround for the time being!

If you’re hoping to beat the campaign mission all you’ll need is one single cable!

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How To Stop Your PS4 Controller From Disconnecting

To prevent the issue from happening to you, you’ll need to stop relying on your Bluetooth connection.

Instead, grab a cable that can connect your PS4 to your controller and viola!

The wired connection won’t drop out during mission 2 or 3, so you’ll be able to complete them both, and finish Black Ops Cold War’s campaign!

We hope our guide has helped!