Black Ops Cold War Beta: Players Discover New Movement Cancel Mechanic

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Black Ops Cold War is now playable in Open Beta for all PS4 players regardless if you pre-ordered the game or not. 

Now, players have gotten the chance to check out all the new features of this year's Call of Duty.


Some players are already finding cheeky ways to cancel certain movement mechanics!



Slide canceling was a once common practice within the competitive Call of Duty community last season.


Now, Twitter user madvillainydoom has posted a clip on Twitter showcasing a new way to cancel the slide movement in Black Ops Cold War.

The cancel itself quickly prompts you back into the air when sliding, so you do not go through the entire slide mechanic. 

They did not post any controls about how to perform this slide cancel, but we can assume it consists of quickly hitting your jump button when sliding. 

This causes you to jump into the air, canceling the slide right away.


Again, this is only our assumption; so we cannot confirm this is how you will go about performing it.

Treyarch themselves have not commented on this slide cancel, but we are sure someone from their development team is going to see it over the next few days.

As well, CDL players are bound to discover this and will more than likely post some tweets around it!



Beta News

If you are checking out the Black Ops Cold War beta, you may have missed the details of a small patch that was pushed over night. 

Below is everything that as adjusted: 

  • Overnight, a small update was pushed to the beta:
  • Fixed Snappoint and Diamondback Optics being misaligned in ADS and blocking the player's view
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the Best Play of a VIP Escort match
  • Slightly reduced damage output of the Milano 821 SMG
  • Fixed a bug where players would get "UI Error 66156" when selecting “Add Activision Friends” from the Recent Players menu
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a Gunboat was beached for too long