Summit1g told his chat he wants to quit live streaming for good after being stream sniped

Summit1g had a viewer stream snipe him and cause him to die in DayZ. It is one of the worst things streamers have to deal with when snipers try to get to them. Stream Sniping is when viewers of a live stream use that stream to figure out the locations and plans of streamers in their game and kill them.

Summit1g had just finished killing an opponent when an impossible hit wiped him out. Realizing that he had been stream sniped, Summit1g immediately quit DayZ. He explained how he feels about streaming now to his chat, and it is brutally honest.

“There’s no way to stream this game… If you’re a stream sniper I just want you to know how f***ing generally stupid you are and how you f*** up content and how you are f***ing worthless dude. You’ve done nothing for Twitch, you’re worthless for the community in every f***ing way.”

Summit1g wants to quit streaming.

Summit1g seems to be just live streaming until his YouTube content can keep him afloat. He said:

“I’ll be able to come out with the content I want to come out with… I envy the YouTubers... of DayZ. I know it’s such a stupid problem to have, but nine years of getting stream sniped I don’t think you guys could ever… Understand how f***ing brutal that is.legitimately can’t even play a game in an organic way at all. It’s like taken a chunk of my love for video games.”

He even went so far as to say that he will enjoy the day he can just do YouTube videos instead of live streaming:

"I just can’t wait to be done with it. I can’t wait to never have to f***ing play video games with any of you f***s who have tried to get into my game... One day I will not do this Twitch thing anymore, and one day I will just be f***ing gaming and chilling, dude. And no one’s gonna know s*** where I’m at, I’ll be able to come out with the content I want to come out with.’

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