Kingdom Come: Deliverance Live-Action Adaptation — Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Everything Else We Know

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Warhorse Studios and Wild Sheep Content have inked a deal for a live-action adaptation of the 2018 RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Wild Sheep’s also one of the production companies behind the recently announced Yakuza project.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘movie or series’

Variety reports that the project “may become a movie or series.” It’s being produced by former Netflix exec and Wild Sheep co-founder Erik Barmack as well as Warhorse Studios CEO Martin Frývaldský. “They have started to reach out to potential writers and directors,” the outlet says.


Barmack describes both Kingdom Come and Yakuza as “amazing, non-U.S. worlds that are locally relevant, but with a regional and global popularity that streamers are looking for as they become more and more global.”

In the wake of Netflix’s success with The Witcher, particularly in a post-Game of Thrones TV landscape, this deal isn’t terribly surprising — other than the fact that Kingdom Come is such a new IP by comparison.

But the game did sell more than three million copies.

What’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance about?

Set in 1403, during a civil war in the Kingdom of Bohemia, the game follows the son of a blacksmith as he seeks out vengeance for the murder of his parents.

It aims for a sense of historical accuracy, rather than the fantasy elements you see in a lot of medieval storytelling.

Frývaldský said the game was a tough sell with game publishers early on. “Everyone wanted some magic in games, and we were offering a game where you start out as a blacksmith’s son, can become some kind of hero, but never get to be king.”

“The biggest feedback we got from the gaming community and reviewers is that this is a very believable and also very relatable story where it is easy to identify with a not so heroic hero,” recalled Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, Warhorse’s PR manager.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer

Since they’re only now reaching out to writers and directors, we definitely won’t see a trailer for a while. Check back for updates.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance cast and crew

The project’s being produced by Erik Barmack of Wild Sheep and Martin Frývaldský, CEO of Warhorse. We’ll probably hear news about a writer or director in the near future. No word yet on any potential castings.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date

No release date’s been set.