Dr Disrespect Talks About His Struggles With Anxiety From Twitch Ban

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You'll be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining streamer than Dr Disrespect.

The two-time has garnered a reputation for not only his talent on shooters but his high-quality and hilarious streams.


However, earlier this year there was doubt on whether we would ever see the Doc stream again.

Back in June of this year, Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch.

The Doc has since made his return on Youtube, pulling huge amounts of viewers on every stream.

Despite this, in a stream on the 31st of August, Dr Disrespect revealed the impact the Twitch ban had on him mentally.


Dr Disrespect's Struggle With Anxiety

The Doc's comeback on Youtube may have been successful, but that didn't nullify the effects of his Twitch ban on him mentally.

In a recent stream on August 31st, he discussed his struggles with anxiety since the ban.

"We got to such a good point, I mean I'm talking all cylinders firing... then to have that taken away from you and to not know why."


He continued, stating "the fact that I'm here on Youtube it's been a fantastic return I'm telling you, but my anxiety levels are something that comes in these huge waves and I'm having a hard time dealing with it."

It's obvious the uncertainty and lack of conclusiveness surrounding the ban has been difficult for Doc to get over.

This discussion on stream highlighted the difficulties content creators struggle with after the camera shuts off.

The Doc encapsulates his feelings in the statement below.


"There might be days where the Doc seems off, were trying to learn the dark alleyway... so, to think that I'm here and I'm just moving on, I'm not, I can't. How? Right, how? How can I?"

We can hope that in time the reason for Dr Disrespect's ban is revealed.

However, for now, it seems that information may never come to light.