Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Addresses Possible Doctor Strange 2 Appearance

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness released its mesmerising new trailer. The stacked preview had tonnes of exciting footage and some fans think they spotted Deadpool.

After months of rumours, Ryan Reynolds talked to Variety about whether the Merc with a Mouth will finally make his MCU introduction.

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Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Addresses Possible Doctor Strange 2 Appearance

When asked about potentially showing up in the MCU sequel, Reynolds immediately squashed any speculation:

I’m really not in the movie. I’m promising, I’m not in the movie.

Reynolds' quotes are certainly disappointing news for Marvel fans. But we've been down this road before.For months, Andrew Garfield constantly denied possibly popping up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Tom Holland also backed up this claim prior to the film's release. And of course, that was all false.

Kevin Feige and co. like keeping surprises close to their chests so the chimichanga lover could make his appearance real soon.

Many fans look to have spotted Professor Xavier in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer. One of the characters sounds eerily similar to Patrick Stewart, while another report claims a former Spider-Man will show up.

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