Pokimane love show contestants turn on each other as they compete for Pokimane's affection

A Pokimane love show played out on Love or Host, and contestants battled to win Pokimane’s love and affection (platonically). Pokimane and the show’s host Austin, made it clear that the winner would only become Pokimane’s best friend. The contestants seemed to understand this, except for JSchlatt, who said he only came in after finding out Pokimane was single.

Immediately, contestants started airing out each other’s dirty laundry to shocking levels. One of the contestant’s old videos was brought up entitled, “Asking hot twitch streamers to show their feet” with Pokimane in the thumbnail. Pokimane is very stern against content like this, and the other contestants were visibly disgusted by it.

Pokimane, Mizkif, EleeMoon, EsfandTV, Stonepa, Jack Manifold, CaptainPuffy, JSchlatt, Cinnabrit, ConnorEatsPants, and Antphrodite cringe on webcam as GoldenBari tries to explain why he posted a sexualized video about Pokimane.
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The cringe of everyone is easy to see

The picture above is everyone’s reaction to the revelation, and even Mizkif looked like he couldn’t believe it. I will not ruin any surprises or show who wins. Instead, the highlight reel is above and the entire video is further below.

The match to win Pokimane’s affection was intense with rage and arguments, and the ending had multiple viewers at the edge of their seats

QTCinderella and Mizkif were early favorites because their performances were incredible. Mizkif is the highlight of the entire show, and he has everyone laughing at multiple points for the amount of time he remains in the game. He was a fan favorite, according to the YouTube comments.

QTCinderella sparked jealousy from other contestants because she came prepared with multiple props and examples of how much she loved Pokimane. It got to the point where CaptainPuffy was so frustrated with QTCinderella’s obvious likability for her preparedness that she said:

I have to say that.. No offense to QTCinderella but the only reason she’s made it this far is because she brought props. Between your shirt and your cup and your poster and then you brought a cake when you got to the bottom three, so, rather than making it this far based on your personality.

Her comment was really out of place in a fun game show, and even QTCinderella seemed annoyed by how rude it was. Still, it was not the most outrageous point because there was even a point where one of the contestants called Pokimane a hypocrite to her face. It was a crazy video to watch, and I invite anyone who still hasn’t seen it to go ahead and watch the highlights further up in the article.

This video was easily one of the best videos that Pokimane has released in a long time. The following Love or Host will need to try hard to beat this one.

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