Pokimane confronts Mizkif about calling her the b-word while muted: "Next time, don't mute!"

Pokimane and Mizkif had a lovely time streaming together, and it seems like they really are friends. They talk, have a good time, and played League of Legends. Although watching the video tells one story, Pokimane would later confront Mizkif on a part that she was unaware of.

Mizkif said he would never call Pokimane by her first name during one part of their conversation. Pokimane said that she wouldn't mind it, and Mizkif responds with "b****." Pokimane doesn't respond, which is odd until the chat reveals that Mizkif may have been muted when he said the word.

Mizkif did not get away with it either because Pokimane was vigilant

Pokimane found this Reddit post that showed her what Mizkif said and then called Mizkif to confront him about it. The two go back to the clip, and Pokimane proves that she never heard him say the word. Mizkif may deny muting himself, but Pokimane claims she didn't hear it at all.

Pokimane laughs at Mizkif while going off on him. She says:

"Listen, deada** I wouldn't mind if you just said it. But next time, don't mute. Don't mute! You little b****! Here's the difference between me and you: Me, I'm a b****, you, you're a p**** b****!"

Obviously, this was just funny banter between friends. It is one of the funniest videos between Pokimane and Mizkif. Both Pokimane and Mikif claim to be correct, so they can't let the situation go. They laugh, and they argue, and they laugh some more until Pokimane hangs up on Mizkif.

Mizkif tried to move on after this went to Valkyrae on Twitter. This built another Twitter thread, where Mizkif ended up saying the same curse word to Valkyrae. It would appear that Mizkif isn't doing much to keep that word out of his friendships, but at least Valkyrae makes no argument that he told her that directly.

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