Ben Askren Vs Jake Paul fight explained by Moist Critikal, makes more sense than many theories

The Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul fight has defied the expectations of many, and not for reasons anyone thought it would. In the first round, Jake Paul knocked Ben Askren down, and the ref called it. Although Ben Askren stood up after being knocked down, Jake was given the win by TKO, and Ben didn't seem too bothered by the outcome.

Although the build-up to this match was serious, the match itself fell short of expectations. Ben Askren was not displaying the kind of fighting he is known for, and Jake Paul quickly got the better of him. After the ref decided on a TKO, Ben Askren didn't argue at all.

Although many people claim that the match was rigged, Moist Critikal believes it wasn't. Moist Critikal has made a YouTube video where he describes his feelings about the matchup, echoing the concerns of many people. In his video, Moist Critikal implies that Ben Askren was not very concerned about the fight's outcome.

Even on Twitter, the idea of a rigged match has been trending since the end of the fight.

Below are some of my favorites:

Regardless of the outcome, Ben Askren would be paid $500,000. The fact that Ben Askren went down so quickly seems to support the idea that he didn't care very much about how the fight would end. Ben Askren might have just wanted a payday, as many have stated.
Moist Critikal described the aftermath like this:

"After it's all over, Ben was leaving with his wife and they were both smiling ear to ear. Ben, his team, everyone around him just looks jubilant."

Moist Critikal doesn't think the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight was staged but he instead felt Ben Askren hadn't taken it seriously enough

Moist Critikal described the knockout punch this way:

"When he got knocked out it was cartoony… He threw his arms up and fell backwards… It looked like in power rangers when they get hit and the sparks fly out."

According to Moist Critikal, Ben Askren was the type of MMA fighter who took a lot of punishment throughout his career. There are many videos that will prove him right. This tweet shows one of those fights where Ben took heavy blows but still beat his opponent, and this is a far cry from what he displayed against Jake Paul.

According to Moist Critikal, Ben Askren didn't throw the fight; instead, he didn't show enough effort in training for an actual fight. Ben Askren probably thought he would win without needing to train very hard, but Jake Paul takes boxing very seriously. With this logic, Ben Askren underestimated his opponent and lost.

Jake Paul may have won, but he still isn't being taken as seriously as he should be. Ben Askren isn't a boxer, so in the long run, his defeat seems insignificant. If Jake Paul wishes to be taken seriously as a boxer, his next fight should be against a real boxer, or his matches will continue to degenerate into memes.

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