ESO Players Forced to Forfeit After Skipping Tutorial & Nerfs Leave Fans Fuming

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Promo art for ESO's High Isle expansion.

One of the key factors in the longevity of The Elder Scrolls Online has been its regular updates and expansions, released every so often like clockwork (city).

While this has always been an integral aspect of any MMO, games which are designed to last forever and evolve over time, Zenimax’s latest update for ESO seems to have met with some teething troubles.

The update, which is number 34 and is designed to give players “an early look at what awaits this June” with the full arrival of the High Isle expansion, which will take players to a new area of the Abecean Sea filled with majestic castles, chivalrous Breton knights and shadowy conspiracies.

ESO High Isle Update Encounters Issues

However, in practice, the update has hit some hiccups, the first of these being an issue affecting the new Tales of Tribute card game introduced in the update.

Naturally, this fresh feature comes with a tutorial, which players shouldn’t be able to skip, but some have managed to do so. This has led to an auto-forfeit while in the queue for a match, as these players have no cards registered in their decks.

This issue is already scheduled to be remedied in next week’s patch, but for now, Zenimax recommends that players encountering it “simply return to the NPC that gave you the tutorial quest and complete the tutorial before queuing for a match”.

Beyond this little glitch, some ESO players on Reddit have criticised the changes the update makes to the game’s PvP classes and champion points system, some aspects of which they believe are in the process of being nerfed.

“Ok WTF is going on for ZOS to nerf ARCTIC BLAST- the least effective and most cumbersome part of every PvP Warden's kit”, said user Ankoria, continuing: “How can you look at the CC available to other classes and conclude ‘Yeah man, it's the Warden's CC that is just way too strong’”. “Arctic blast needed a change not a nerf”, adds user Flappleflaps.

On the topic of champion points, users were pretty blunt, with DeliciousEnergyDrink saying: “More Champ Point nerfs across the board. Feels bad.” and Why_so_loud adding: “Just remove the champion points system already if you mean to nerf it every patch.”


Aside from these elements, there are also plenty of things included in the update that the Reddit users liked. These include a buff to the refreshing path, along with a change to the quest UI which will warn players if they’re close enough to the Event Ticket cap that completing a quest would result in lost Event Tickets.

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