Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor: How To Get A Pet

Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow, with its Greymoor expansion arriving on May 18 for PC and Mac gamers and on June 2 for PS4 and Xbox players.

Ahead of the new expansion, you might be feeling a little lonely. Here's how to get yourself a pet!

Elder Scrolls Online Pet Guide: How to get a Pet

You can earn a Pet both via the in-game store, and through occasional promotions and events. If you're looking to buy a Pet with real money, you'll have to pick up Crowns, ESO's currency.

Head into the Crown Store and navigate to the "Pets" section. These vary in price, but you should expect to spend around 400 Crowns at the low end– that's around £3.


Elder Scrolls Online Pet Guide: How to summon your Pet

Once you've acquired your Pet, you have to find it in your inventory and then select it, followed by "use".

Ta-da, your very own cute, cuddly companion. Unless you opted for a giant insect or flying snake, that is.

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