Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor: How To Use Mount, and Where To Get One

Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow, with its Greymoor expansion arriving on May 18 for PC and Mac gamers and on June 2 for PS4 and Xbox players.

Ahead of the new expansion, you might be wondering how to move more quickly through the world of Tamriel – and maybe even ride in style. Here's how to get a Mount in the game, and how to summon it.

Elder Scrolls Online Mount Guide: How to get a Mount

You can earn a Mount both via the in-game store, and through progression. If you're looking to buy a Mount with real money, you'll have to pick up Crowns, ESO's currency.

Head into the Crown Store and navigate to the "Mounts" section. These vary in price, but you should expect to spend around 900 Crowns – that's around £5.

You can also buy a Mount without dropping cash, although the selection is a little more limited. You'll find these at Stables, and they start at around 10,000 gold.

Elder Scrolls Online Mount Guide: How to summon your Mount

Once you've acquired your Mount, you'll need to set it as active. It's in your Collections tab of the menu.

To mount your steed of choice, you'll need to hold H on PC, the View button on Xbox One, or the Touchpad on PS4.

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