New Lore-Filled Elden Ring Trailer Debuts at The Game Awards 2021

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco debuted a lengthy new Elden Ring trailer packed with lore during The Game Awards 2021, including a first mention of what the Elden Ring actually is. Long before the Tarnished steps foot into the world, the demigods fought for control of the planet. The Elden Ring was shattered in the process, and the war came down to two gods clashing.

Their fight had no end, and the world remained frozen in a broken, hostile state - until you stepped in. There's beauty, fantastic graphical effects, and wars beyond the scale of what we could have expected from the Elden Ring preview, and so much more.

Granted, we still don't know what a Tarnished is, but we don't have long to wait to find out. Elden Ring releases February 25, 2022.

Check out the Elden Ring story trailer below:

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