New Elden Ring Screenshots Surface Online

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Following its re-emergence at Summer Game Fest 2021, heavy anticipation is ramping for Elden Ring.

As we approach the release of the FromSoftware production, fans can catch a glimpse of new photos from the game.


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New Elden Ring Screenshots Surface Online

The Steam page for the Dark Souls successor is now live, offering further details about the RPG.

Some of the included screenshots offer a closer look at the characters and enemy types introduced in the official trailer, while others highlight some of the many locations that will be explored in the game.


<img src="ER1.jpg" alt="man on horse carrying a sword runs away from a giant">
<img src="ER2.jpg" alt="two pots with hands and feet and moving around in a green field">
<img src="ER3.jpg" alt="figure uses magic as an ogre-like creature rushes towards them">
<img src="ER4.jpg" alt="figure in silver armour slashes a knight with their sword">
<img src="ER5.jpg" alt="a being with multiple hands and disfigured posture">


<img src="ER6.jpg" alt="a cloaked figure with a hood covering their face">
<img src="ER7.jpg" alt="a woman sits on a chair with a knight holding a sword and shield besides her">
<img src="ER8.jpg" alt ="man with minimal clothes looks on as he is about to get grabbed by giant hands">


<img src="ER9.jpg" alt="figure in armor and holding a lit-up torch illuminates a cave, revealing orange sacks along the walls">
<img src="ER10.jpg" alt="outer image of castle amidst a gloomy sky">
<img src="ER11.jpg" alt="figure holds a torch illuminating a passage with big, purple crystals bursting from either side">
<img src="ER12.jpg" alt="a figure walks down through a dark room with decapitated arms hanging from strings on either side">
<img src="ER13.jpg" alt="a figure on a horse looks ahead at a gigantic, bright tree in the distance">

Elden Ring marks an exciting collaboration between FromSoftware and the mastermind behind Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, who wrote the lore for the game.

Offering an immersive open-world, Elden Ring is set to launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on January 21, 2022.