Elden Ring Modder Adds Outrageous Saints Row Weapon

An image of the Saints Row sword in Elden Ring.
Credit: asmartcowmods on Nexus Mods

The enemies of Elden Ring can take a lot of killing, no matter whether you prefer your weapon of choice to be medieval or automatic.

Even those who elect to unleash their inner Israel Adesanya and batter bosses using only their fists face a fierce difficulty curve that can leave them longing for an armament so outrageous that enemies might run in fear before you even reach them.

Thankfully, a new mod has arrived that might have a chance of doing just that. Yup, Saints Row’s dildo sword is now in Elden Ring.

The Difficulty Curve Is No Longer the Most Obscene Thing in Elden Ring

The mod that brings this destructive dong to the game is called “The Penetrator Weapon” and is the work of modder asmartcowmods, who has used all of their bovine modding ability to painstakingly render the phallus in outstanding detail.

This sexual sword’s stats aren’t revealed in the mod’s description, so you’ll have to download it for yourself to see just how effective the magical member is at slapping around the biggest and baddest of the Lands Between.

Before you do though, make sure to grab mod engine 2 first to ensure that the installation doesn’t get cocked up.

A screenshot of the Saints Row sword in Elden Ring.
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Credit: asmartcowmods on Nexus Mods.

Or, if you’re after a new Elden Ring weapon from another game series and can bring yourself to wield the Saints’ unholy schlong, a different mod may be more your style.

Especially for fans of The Witcher, WretchQueen’s newest work “Witcher 3 Zireael (Ciri's sword)” offers a less adult alternative in the Elden arsenal, bringing the child of the elder blood’s blade into a realm with plenty of monsters.

For maximum immersion, you could also team it with one of the numerous Witcher-themed character skins already added to the game by modders.

Unfortunately, this particular mod requires the UXM mod as a prerequisite, which is only accessible via Elden Ring modding Discord servers.

Regardless of which of these becomes your weapon of choice, make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Elden Ring, Skyrim, and Fallout modding.

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