Elden Ring’s Miyazaki Reveals His Favourite Boss

A promo screenshot for Elden Ring.
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Every player who picks up a FromSoftware game ends up with a favourite boss.

For some, it’s the one that looks the most visually interesting or has the coolest backstory. For others, it’s just the one that spends the least time repeatedly squashing their dreams of advancing further in the game.

In the case of Hidetaka Miyazaki, often identified as the key individual behind the masochistic madness of games like Elden Ring, the answer, at least as far as that game is concerned, has been revealed to be Radahn.

Elden Ring’s Miyazaki Confirms His Favourite Boss is Radahn

That’s right, the director has shared, via an interview with Xbox Wire Japan, that his favourite among the game’s bosses is the demi-god of Redmane Castle, saying: "He is fascinating as a character, and I also like the circumstances of the Radahn Festival."

Miyazaki also alluded to no one on his team taking the idea of the Radahn Festival seriously when he first came up with it, before adding that the runners up in the battle for his affections are Godrick the Grafted & Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

On the subject of Elden Ring being a big hit, the director said that he was “very happy and very surprised” regarding the game’s user numbers, adding that this success makes him feel even more “lucky” making games.

With that said, Miyazaki doesn’t anticipate this success changing FromSoftware’s ethos when it comes to making games, saying: “We've always made games that we believe are interesting, we will continue to do so in the future.”

He also shared some of the open-world games which helped to inspire the vision for Elden Ring, name dropping the Elder Scrolls series, The Witcher 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Also on offer was a little bit of technical insight into the making of Elden Ring, with Miyazaki revealing that the placement of the main bosses was decided at the very beginning of the game’s map design stage, as well as sharing some tidbits about the war ash system and designing the summoning spirits.

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