Xbox Twitter Account Ridicules Met Gala Outfits Using Gaming References

An Elden Ring character walking the red carpet as though they're at the Met Gala.

For many, the Met Gala is one of the most prestigious events on the fashion calendar, a chance to wear something striking on the red carpet and make a mark among design moguls and Hollywood celebrities.

For others, it’s a chance to have a good laugh at some rather in-your-face outfits, while secretly ruing your lack of an invitation to join in on the fun.

On the other hand, if you’re the official Xbox Twitter account, it’s an opportunity to score some big social media points by analysing the barrage of attire on display using video game analogies.

Xbox Twitter Account Ridicules Met Gala Outfits

For example, take actress Blake Lively, whose New York inspired dress, which changed colour as she walked up some steps, received a slew of compliments from the fashion world.

However, the Xbox account simply compared it to that moment in a boss fight when whatever you’re fighting enters its “phase 2”, usually changing appearance and unleashing some brand new attacks.

Film executive Franklin Leonard received a similar treatment with his long suit jacket drawing comparisons to characters who are over-encumbered and need to drop some items from their inventory, a scenario many Skyrim players can relate to, because of the fact that it inexplicably jutted outwards around waist height.

Swedish fashion entrepreneur Fredrik Robertsson was next on the hit list and, having already been mistaken for Jared Leto by much of the mainstream audience, including the New York Times, was given a slightly easier time by the Xbox account, which simply compared him to an Elden Ring boss.

Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee fared worse, with his dress shirt and jeans outfit leading the Xbox account to quip: “when your armour doesn't match but the stats are good”.

In terms of stats, the account judged American model Gigi Hadid to have gained 50 magic points from her very long and puffy coat but lost 500 points of speed.

Beyond this, the real Jared Leto’s outfit, identical to that of Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele, drew a comparison to Elden Ring’s mimic tear ability and the dresses worn by model Winnie Harlow and singer Teyana Taylor were likened to armour from Destiny 2.

If these outfits have you itching to take on some Elden Ring boss fights, check out our guide to its merchants, so you‘ve got the right gear to take on any hulking behemoths.

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