Elden Ring: Download Size for PS5, Xbox, and PC

Elden Ring artwork.

Elden Ring is Bandai Namco and FromSoftware's much-awaited action RPG. It is also a collaboration between director Hidetaka Mitezaki and award-winning novelist George R.R. Martin.

Miyazaki's world-building teamed up with George R.R. Martin's writing has got both veterans and newbies to the genre geared up for it. What else should you know about Elden Ring in order to be prepared for its release?

Elden Ring will be officially launching on February 25th, with players able to preload as of the 23rd, but some information about the game has been revealed ahead of time, including the game's download file size. Here's everything you need to know so far about Elden Ring's download size.

Xbox Download Size

For the Xbox version of the game, a recent Xbox Store update shows that Elden Ring will require around 50GB of free storage.

PlayStation Download Size

The PlayStation leak account PlayStationGameSize said the Elden Ring file size on PS5 is 44.47 GB, excluding a day one patch.

Pre-load should go live two days before launch, so on February 23.

PC Download Size

There's no word yet on the PC file size, though we expect it will likely be similar to the Xbox/PS5 file size - 50GB - or slightly larger. We'll update when we know more.

Elden Ring Day 1 Patch

FromSoftware has yet to put out an official statement about any day 1 patches on release. However, PlayStationGameSize Twitter posted about the game's size prior to the Day 1 patch, though it could simply be a baseless prediction.

Most day one patches fix bugs that were unable to be addressed before launch or add non-essential features, such as DLC items. If there is a day one patch for Elden Ring, that's likely what it will contain as well.

That's it! You'll be able to preload your game as of February 23rd. For more to prepare you for the RPG, check out our release guide, pre-order guide, and what PC specifications Elden Ring requires.

Updated January 25, 2022 by Kelsey Raynor.

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