Elden Ring Leak Reveals Crucible Knight Floh's Moveset

Elden Ring is one of this year's most anticipated games and though we don't have long to wait, leaks are slowly emerging. Not long after the game’s Character Creator was revealed, a new video about Crucible Knight Floh, and if these videos are anything to go by, we're in for a tough fight.

Like the Character Creator video before it, this Elden Ring leak comes from YouTuber ER-SA (via Reddit), who uploaded 26 seconds of Crucible Knight Floh’s moves. Considering how short the footage is, we wouldn’t consider this a major Elden Ring spoiler, but it provides another insight into FromSoftware's anticipated title.

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Elden Ring Leak Reveals Crucible Knight Floh's Moveset

You can find the footage below, though if you wish to remain completely unspoiled before next month's launch, we'd naturally recommend not looking any further.

Despite all we've seen so far from last year's closed network test, its clear we're only scratching the surface of FromSoftware's latest RPG. Elden Ring launches on February 25th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. We'll keep you informed when we learn more.

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