Riders Republic E3 Trailer Looks Amazing

riders republic keyart showing extremee sportsmen competing

riders republic keyart showing extremee sportsmen competing

Riders Republic could have been shovelware, but Ubisoft went all out. At first, I thought this game was Steep 2, but it's not that at all. This game is seven sequels ahead of Steep. There's a lot to digest here.

Riders Republic was showcased at E3 and it blew me away. There is something intoxicating about the new ways to ride, the multiplayer, the community, and the sights. I am not even sure if they left room for a sequel here; there is so much content. It also looks impressive; Ubisoft made no compromises in developing this Riders Republic.

Riders Republic is the game no one thought was possible

As players, we are accustomed to limitations in Sports games. There is usually only a small team or limited resources, or they know their audience is small. Ubisoft made this game like a Triple-A for a wide audience. In the world of sports games, this is the equivalent of Call of Duty.

Ridge Racers offers an excellent multiplayer experience, where players can hang out, play games together, and make friends. Multiplayer modes look fantastic and fun. In the game, players take turns performing tricks or racing to take over certain areas; at one point, I thought I was looking at Tony Hawk Pro Skater but realized it was just one part of the game.

Screenshot from Riders Republic. Ubisoft at E3
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It can feel this fast

Additionally, you can customize the appearance of the characters, and there are different environments to choose from. In the maps, several beautiful spots would have made great screenshots. The artists did a fantastic job.

It's an extremely fast game when it needs to be, and there were some parts of the trailer where I knew I didn't have enough reflexes to perform well. During one of the scenes, a group of Buzz Lightyears flew on jetpacks, and it was crazy. This is like they merged the X Games with the Winter Olympics and made it accessible to all.

I cannot wait for Riders Republic because it looks and plays amazing. Be sure to play when it comes out on September 2nd, 2021 and sign up for the Beta here!

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