E3 2021: Dates, Times, Virtual Conference, Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, Games, News, Leaks, Rumors and Everything You Need To Know!

E3, the biggest event on the video game calendar has attracted a lot of attention since the New Year.

With the on-going global pandemic, it seems unlikely the event is going to take in person.

But, similarly to 2020, it appears we are once again going to have an online event.

Here's all you need to know about E3 2021! 



Typically, E3 is held during the middle of June.

This has been consistent over the years, so we can assume the online event around the same time.

In a new report published by VGC, it appears the overseers of E3 (ESA) have noted to developers that they intend to hold the online event from the 15th to the 17th of June 2021! 


Virtual Event

VGC has reported that ESA has sent a proposal to multiple game developers regarding this years E3. 

They have noted that the event is going to be a virtual keynote instead of an in-person gathering.

Similar to what we have been seeing over the last year or so, so expect some amazing animations and other tricks from game developers! 



Along with the confirmation of an online E3 for 2021. VGC has also reported the following when it comes to how the event is going to be structured: 

The ESA’s intention is to hold multiple two-hour keynote sessions from games partners, an awards show, a June 14 preview night and other smaller streams from games publishers, influencers and media partners.



It has now been two years in a row that Sony has opted to forgo E3 in favor of hosting their own dedicated Sony event.

We can assume they will once again do the same this year, but we will have to wait and see! 



Nintendo does not have many titles lined up to release this year, so fans are expecting some news in the early months of 2021.

Breath of the Wild 2 is on everyone's mind, along with Metroid Prime 4. But, we never know what could be up Nintendo's sleeve! 



Microsoft has been hosting frequent showcases from developers over the last year, and we can expect them to make an appearance at E3 this year.

Be on the lookout for more news in the coming weeks/months from Xbox! 


Developers and Games 

Be on the lookout for these developers/games to be featured at E3 2021: 


  • Ubisoft
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • SEGA
  • Capcom
  • Square Enix
  • Take-Two Interactive Software
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Games
  • XSeed Games
  • Gearbox Entertainment


  • Elden Ring
  • Breath of the Wild 2
  • Metroid Prime 4
  • Mara
  • Halo Infinite
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • GTA 6 
  • COD 2021

Be sure to let us know if you are looking forward to E3 2021! 


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