Dyson Sphere Program Roadmap 2021: What Updates and Changes Are To Come?

Dyson Sphere Program is an early access sci-fi simulation game; everything space and exploration related goes. Create an automated factory and create a galactic empire! If you want to keep up to date with the titles plans then check them out below with our 2021 roadmap piece.

Dyson Sphere Program Roadmap 2021

So far, the team at Youthcat Studio have not released an official 2021 roadmap, though from plenty of Steam posts we can take a guess as to what is to come. Below you can find some of the features that the devs have spoken about in forums and other places that they wish to bring to Dyson Sphere Program:

  • More types of planets and celestial bodies
  • More exploration events, for example, being sucked into a black hole
  • Players will have the ability to design their own Mechas
  • Alien Monster that can attack your settlements, creating more of a challenge
  • Wider variety of constructions ad features like being able to extend outwards into space
  • Quality-of-life improvements and balancing
  • More cutscenes, soundtracks and other audio aspects

That's about all we know so far though there is still time for the developers to add more if they wish to, the actual mechanics of the game likely won't change though as “The core mechanics of Dyson Sphere Program are ready” according to the studio.

We'll be sure to update you if anything changes so if this title is on your watchlist be sure to bookmark this article to keep yourself in the loop!

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