Dying Light’s Ban in Germany Prompts Removal From Multiple Nintendo eShops

Techland is launching its highly-anticipated sequel to Dying Light next year. Initially planned for December, that's been pushed back to the stacked month of February 2022, accompanied by Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Leading up to the zombie-survival game's release, fans are catching up with the first game. However, certain Switch owners cannot purchase Dying Light Platinum Edition from Nintendo's eShop across several regions. A Techland moderator on Reddit clarified that the first game has been removed from the UK and other regional eShops, as Dying Light's banned in Germany.

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Dying Light Has Been Banned In Germany, Removed From Multiple Switch eShops

Presently, the game's missing from eShops across Europe's countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Whille the game can still be purchased physically, all iterations of Dying Light are completely unavailable in Germany.

Germany has notably strict laws regarding violence and gore in entertainment, ranging between movies to video games. As explained by GamesIndustry.biz, Germany's Youth Protection Laws aims to prevent distribution for violent and bloody content, ever since the 1980s.

Games like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake were among the first mainstream games that experienced this ban. As graphics became more realistic, these Laws evolved to continue restricting the sale of these games, with Dying Light being a casualty.

Hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon and that we'll see Dying Light returning to UK and Australasian Nintendo stores. Just don't expect the zombie title, nor its sequel, to launch in Germany anytime soon.

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