Valve Releases Free Compendium For TI10

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Credit: Image via Valve

The International has always been one of the top-tier tournaments in esports. Boasting a prize pool of millions of dollars funded by the community, The International has continued to beat its own records with every passing year.

Valve has recently released an update that contains a free compendium for The International 10. Before diving into the current features, let's take a look at the history of the Interactive Compendium in DOTA 2.


History of the Compendium

The key aspect for these staggering prize pools has always been the in-game compendium. Before the concept of seasonal Battle Passes in games, Valve came forward with the Interactive Compendium in 2013. This compendium allowed players to spend money on in-game cosmetics and various other perks.

25% of all earnings made from the compendium is forwarded towards the prize pool for The International, making it the tournament with the highest prize pool in all of esports. Since 2013, Valve has always released either a compendium or a battle pass for that year's International.

However, owing to TI being postponed from 2020 to 2021, the prize pool collected for the event from the annual Battle Pass is being utilized now. Having said that, Valve has decided to release a free compendium that everyone can be a part of for TI10.


The International 10 Compendium

With the entire prize pool of TI10 being secured in 2020 itself, DOTA 2 players have been provided a free compendium to cherish the event. Needless to say, the free compendium does not feature everything that a regular Battle Pass does,

Instead, the compendium features a Fantasy section along with a Predictions tab. This confirms that the main purpose of the compendium is to provide players with an immersive experience of TI10.


Nevertheless, there has been no sign of prominent things like the Arcana Poll and bonus cosmetics in the free compendium. It remains to be seen whether these options will be introduced before TI10 kicks off or not.

Bonus Discount on Supporter Packs

With TI10 less than a few weeks away, Valve has announced a 50% discount on all Supporter Packs available for this season. This is the perfect opportunity for fans who were previously unable to purchase these packs owing to their high prices.

The discount will be available as long as the free Compendium for TI10 is available in the game. However, players should note that all content of the Supporter Packs will only be available until TI10 and will expire after the tournament is over.


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