DOTA 2: What Is Feed?

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To feed is to eat. But in DOTA 2, to feed might mean something else.

And if you would know what it means the game, it could sound on a more negative note. So, if you hear the term feed during a game in DOTA 2, then there might be someone or some players who could annoy you.


Keep reading as we dive deeper about feed in DOTA 2.

What Is Feed In DOTA 2?

Feed in DOTA 2 is very wrong.

It is a derogatory term being used for a player who “feeds” the opposing team’s heroes with gold by being killed multiple times.


It could be feeding per se, in which the skill level of the “feeder” is really not on par with the enemies. But also it could be intentional feeding in which the feeder purposely feeds his or her hero for the enemy team to get more gold.

And being a feeder may it be done purposely or not really affects the outcome of the game.

A team with a feeder loses most of the time. One piece of the team can really bring the whole team down.

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