DOTA 2: What Is Buyback?

Gaming terms and jargons have been created over the years in the DOTA 2 gaming community.

It includes buyback which is quite self-explanatory, but its relevance to the game is so vital that players can take advantage of it during games most of the time.

Keep reading to know more about buyback in League of Legends.

What Is Buyback In League of Legends?

Buyback in DOTA 2 is inclined with your hero being killed in the game.

Buyback is the act of a player whose hero was killed and wants to spend money in order to bring it back to life immediately.

This is some sort of instant respawn which enables heroes to return to the game in the quickest manner available.

Yet still, this would require you to pay some resources. But hey, the effect is really good though.

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