DOTA 2: What Are Relics?

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DOTA 2 is filled with various in-game elements that all have significance in the game itself.

And with that, you might already had an encounter with relics in DOTA 2. This aspect in the game plays a really important role in the game. Although not everything is free, and these might require something which you are supposed to pay for.


With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about relics in DOTA 2.

What Are Relics In DOTA 2?

Relics are the counters with the purpose of tracking a certain hero’s actions, as well as the statistics they have in-game.

A hero has 14 relics which is being divided by its category and rarity. It is comprised of 10 common relics and four rare relics.


You may only purchase relics with shards which you can collect in the game. And the most important thing to know about relics is that these are only available for DOTA Plus subscribers.

So, if you’re not yet subscribed to DOTA 2’s subscription-based feature and you want to have access to relics in the game, then this might be your signal to do so.

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