DOTA 2: How To Lock The Camera

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When you play DOTA 2, there may be times that your view in the game would move unexpectedly. This is because of your mouse movement even if you did not mean to move it, it just so happens that your mouse sensitivity could be a bit too high.

Luckily, you may be able to lock the camera in order to follow your hero almost all the time during the game. Of course, above all things, your hero should always be your first priority in DOTA 2.


With that being said, here’s how to lock the camera in DOTA 2.

How To Lock The Camera In DOTA 2

You need to set first a hotkey to lock your camera in DOTA 2. Head to the hotkey options and choose Select hero key. Set a key that would serve as the lock camera option. If you hit it twice during games, the camera view will then lock on your hero.

If you want to fully lock your camera, go to the Camera options. Look for the Edge pan option and disable it.


You can also do this by binding the Toggle Offset Camera option represented by the V key. But you also need to press your hotkey twice in order to activate it.

When To Lock The Camera In DOTA 2

You can lock your camera whenever you want during games in DOTA 2.

Although most players do not recommend locking the camera. This is because of the possible lack of information you may gather around the map, and your opponents may also take advantage of your limited view.


But still, it would depend on your preference. Find out which works best for you in playing DOTA 2.

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