DOTA 2: How To Change Name

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In DOTA 2, you can be called with your name or even with the name or nickname which you would prefer.

Although since the game is connected to Steam, your SteamID will also be your display name in DOTA 2 by default. But if you would want to change it then it’s fine, there’s a way to do so.


With that being said, here’s how to change the name in DOTA 2.

How To Change Name In DOTA 2

You can only change your name in DOTA 2 if you actually change your SteamID.

Go to Steam and click on the display name which you can find in the top-right part of the menu.


Select your Profile in the drop-down menu and choose Edit Profile.

In there, change your Profile Name with the new display name that you want others to see during games in DOTA 2.

Finally, click Save Changes after scrolling to the bottom-most part of the page.

And there you have it! Be called with the coolest display name that you would want others to know in DOTA 2.

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