Everything We Know About DokeV - Release Date, Story, and Dokebi

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Looking for the DokeV release date? The skateboard-riding, creature-befriending open-world adventure game took Gamescom by storm and left everyone wondering what the hell it was, how they could get it, and what that catchy K-pop song during the trailer was. Many people were even wondering if this was the long-overdue birth of a competitor to the Pokémon games.

So what exactly is DokeV? This open-world adventure game hails from Pearl Abyss, the South Korean developer of MMORPG Black Desert Online. But unlike Black Desert, DokeV is not an MMO and is instead about befriending creatures known as Dokebi. From the looks of the trailer, you travel around the world in search of creatures, making pals, and going on adventures together.

But there's a lot more to DokeV than what was shown in the trailer. In this guide, we'll round up everything we know about the DokeV release date, what Dokebi are, and what you can expect from this upcoming creature-based adventure.

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What Is The DokeV Release Date?

Even though it was first announced in 2019, and its newest trailer was shown at Gamescom, we still don't have any idea of when DokeV might come out. We do know, however, that the game is coming to PC and consoles, so you'll most likely be able to play is on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

DokeV was previously slated to be a mobile release as well, but Pearl Abyss hasn't reconfirmed that since the release of the new trailer. Considering Pearl Abyss has previously developed most of its games for mobile, it seems fairly likely, though.

Is There DokeV Gameplay Footage?

Alongside the gameplay trailer, DokeV was recently featured as part of Subusu News' OMG_Electrics, and the host of the programme got to take a behind-the-scenes look at Pearl Abyss and DokeV gameplay. You can watch the full thing below:

What Is The DokeV Trailer Song?

A lot of people were really blown away by the K-pop song that accompanied the DokeV trailer. It turns out that it's an original song called 'Rockstar' by GALACTIKA and Luena, and it was made specifically for DokeV. Pearl Abyss has confirmed that it's interested in potentially using DokeV for concerts and public events, in a similar way to what you might have seen in Fortnite.

In reponse to Rockstar's popularity, at the game awards this year, Pearl Abyss showed off an in-game music video for a remixed version of the song, with characters from the game performing a K-pop dance routine. You can watch the full thing below.

Is DokeV Multiplayer?

Though DokeV was originally announced as an MMO in 2019, similar to Pearl Abyss's other work like Black Desert, the developer confirmed after that DokeV is now an open-world adventure game. However, Pearl Abyss has stated that the game will still have both solo play and online co-op, allowing players to fight bosses together or play against each other in fun and friendly competitive events. You can see some of these boss battles in the original reveal trailer.

What Are Dokebi In DokeV?

Dokebi are basically like DokeV's version of Pokémon⁠ – creatures that players can find and partner with. In this JeuxOnline interview with some of the game's developers, they confirm that Dokebi can't be caught in the same way that Pokémon can. Since Dokebi are born from unresolved dreams and ambitions, the game focuses more on befriending them and exploring their unique stories. To befriend some of them will require special conditions, and they hint that you can also partner with these Dokebi to become more powerful as the game goes on.

What Is the DokeV Story?

Developers from Pearl Abyss confirmed in the same interview that DokeV is set in a future where artificial intelligence has fully developed and there is an organisation known as "The Company" that creates Androids with this AI. But it turns out that these AI chips are created using captured Dokebi, and so The Company are actually the bad guys, meaning the player must fight against them to free the Dokebi.

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DokeV uses the new 'Blackspace Engine'

In a recent interview with IGN, Pearl Abyss's Lead Engine Programmer, Kwaghyeon Go, spoke more about the new Blackspace Engine that is currently being used to develop projects like the incredible looking Crimson Desert, and is responsible for how great DokeV looks. According to the interview, this next-gen engine allows for "a more detailed representation of visual depth".

Is DokeV A Game For Kids?

Pearl Abyss has expressed that DokeV is intended as a game for the whole family, which parents and kids can play together. But the game also has plenty of secrets to explore and some more challenging content that will require strategic thinking from players.

Is DokeV Free to Play?

Pearl Abyss has confirmed that it has not yet decided whether DokeV will be free to play or a premium purchase. We think, considering the live service aspects that the game seems to want to cultivate, as well as the possible concert aspect, not to mention the previous work of Pearl Abyss, that it's likely DokeV will release as a free-to-play game.

And that's everything we know about DokeV. If you're looking for content around other creature-collecting games, why not try some of our Pokémon GO and Pokémon Unite guides?

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