Dishonored 3: What We Want To See In Arkane's Next Stealth Adventure

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Dishonored may be one of the most under-appreciated franchises in gaming history, with Arkane's first-person stealth titles being released to impressive critical acclaim but struggling to find the sales to match.

Still, Microsoft's recent purchase of Bethesda gives the tech giant the keys to a whole host of storied franchises, including Dishonored.


With a threequel potentially being a possibility, funded by Microsoft's seemingly endless amounts of cash, what would we like to see? Here's our wishlist.

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What We Want To See In Dishonored 3

Take Us Home


While the second game's city of Karnaca is undoubtedly brighter than the first game's Dunwall, we can't help but pine for the grimy, steampunk city that we first met Corvo in. 

We'd love to see a return to the city where it all started, with next-gen hardware undoubtedly making each area larger, or perhaps even allowing for a more open-world structure like each of Hitman's destinations.

Wherever we end up, we have complete faith that it'll be rich in detail and history.

Learn from Lurk


Billie Lurk being the main protagonist of Death of the Outsider, the most recent entry in the franchise, was not only a stroke of narrative genius but allowed for a big gameplay change, too.

While Billie doesn't have to unlock powers through the usual means of collecting runes, Lurk also doesn't need to replenish her powers with the use of Elixirs.

That means she can use her abilities whenever she chooses, helping facilitate more experimentation from players.

Whatever comes next, we hope we're not scrounging around for pickups to boost our powers!


Make The Chaos System Optional

Speaking of Death of the Outsider, it removed the Chaos System from the numbered titles in the franchise.

This essentially allowed the story to play out differently depending on whether you finished the game playing entirely non-lethally, or by cutting a bloody swathe through Dunwall and Karnaca.

While it's something many players no doubt enjoyed, with endings being suitably dark if you piled up corpses in the street, there's no denying that removing it made Billie Lurk's adventure all the more liberating.


Give us the option please, Arkane!

New Characters

We've been able to play as three different protagonists now, each with their own sets of abilities.

While we loved playing as all three, a third entry would be a great chance to step into someone else's shoes and open up the universe a little bit more.


Let's see the Outsider's powers bestowed to the likes of a street urchin, or even a nobleman with an axe to grind. 

What do you want to see from Dishonored 3? Be sure to let us know in the comments!