Blizzard's June 2021 Diablo 4 Quarterly Update

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Blizzard just released their latest Diablo IV Quarterly Update with loads of information on artwork for characters, monsters, and allies.

Art is an important factor in Diablo, giving each game that unique, dark, and despairing look.

The world of Diablo is not a great place, and players do their best to make it a little bit better for those that inhabit it.

Without just the right look, players would not feel that overarching sense of dread and hopelessness that stems from the very core of the game.

Character Designs

Diablo 4 Lilith and Sorceress Art
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The Diablo IV Quarterly Update shines a light on the character development of Lilith and the Sorceress Class, as well as character customization options.

For the first time ever, players can customize how their character looks, changing the skin color, facial markings, hair, and more.

A new Lair is also coming that will let players tweak their wardrobe throughout the game, mixing and matching pieces of armor and accessories for their class, including the items' colors.

Diablo 4 character customization
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With all the new options coming their way, players can create their character to look almost exactly how they would like, allowing them to add their own personality to their creations.

Monster Designs

Several monster designs are also shown off in the update, including the Succubus, Skeleton Lord, and Blood Bishop.

Animation tests for each are available on YouTube:

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Technical Achievements

The Quarterly Update also goes into technical detail about the game's engine, camera, and Physical-Based Rendering.

Overall the Diablo IV Quarterly update was pretty detailed and is a great read.

The above are just the highlights from the entire blog post, and it is highly recommended that players looking forward to Diablo IV read it for themselves for all the extra details Blizzard included.

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