Diablo 3 Urzael: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

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Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. While the demonic hordes coming from hell will present different shapes and forms, some of them are significantly stronger leaders in this hellish army, demanding a harder effort if you want to defeat them in battle. Today we will talk about the first boss fight in Act 5, Urzael, the Harbinger of Death.

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Who is Urzael in Diablo 3?

Malthael's army moved into the mortal region of Westmarch destroying everything in their wake, with the first lieutenant Urzael leading them. The malicious angel learned of the Nephalem's presence in Westmarch, which compelled him to try several murder attempts. After failing spectacularly, he starts an all-out attack against Westmarch provoking rain of fire, trying to take down the city with him out of fury.

Where Is Urzael In Diablo 3

Urzael shows up as a boss battle in Act V, in the quest "The Harbinger". As soon as the Nephalem reaches the lowest floor of the Tower of Korelan, the fight will begin.

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How Do You Kill Urzael in Diablo 3?

Once the fight starts, Urzael will use the following moves in battle:

Phase 1

  • Blazing Leap: Urzael will charge a leap, marked in both the initial and arrival locations, both of which will inflict heavy Fire damage. The destination area will also afflict knockback.
  • Cannonball: Urzael does a charged shot that inflicts high Fire damage.
  • Ceiling Shot: Urzael fires upwards, causing burning debris to fall upon the arena. You will be able to notice where the debris will land, and it will inflict both Fire damage and knockback.

Phase 2

  • Breath of Flame: Urzael will use his cannon like a flamethrower shooting in an arc, and inflicting high Fire damage.
  • Fiery Swing: Urzael will swing the cannon doing a melee attack that deals Fire and Physical damage, only as a last resort and if you're at melee distance.

Urzael can be a hard fight if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. Thankfully, his attacks have very clear tells for you to notice and avoid, so as long as you keep moving you should be fine. Don't be too reckless, avoid the fire attacks at all costs, and you will defeat him for sure.

Diablo 3 Urzael - Drops

Urzael has no special drops in this fight.

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