Diablo Immortal Delayed Until 2022 To Add New Features

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Blizzard has released a Diablo Immortal development update where they have announced the delay of the mobile game as well as new PvE and PvP systems based on player feedback from alpha testing.

While there was no official date for the release, the team had a 2021 release date planned, however, implementing these features and more will take some extra time so the team has delayed the release to the first half of 2022.


Diablo Immortal Delayed Until 2022 To Add New Features

One of the most requested features from the alpha was more long-term PvE activities, So the team has designed 8-player raids as part of the Helliquary system as a form of social challenge you can accomplish with friends.

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The Helliauary was initially a solo boss encounter, however, now it has the option to bring your friends in as well.


The Bounty system will also see some improvements to make it more engaging for players and less tedious by giving players the same zone for all accepted bounties.

Player vs. Player will receive some updates based on player feedback surrounding the Battlegrounds system as well as, the Cycle of Strife a PvPvE game mode.

PvP continues to play a big role in Diablo Immortal so the team is committed to making the experience and rewards system as smooth as it can be for all players.

Controller support is also being developed, which plays a big role in the reason why the game is being pushed back to 2022.

The team also wants to ensure character progression rewards the players who are putting in the time to reach max level and reach higher paragon levels than other players.

Players with higher paragon levels who push the highest difficulties will be awarded higher-level items.

You can read all this and more in the development update.