Destroy All Humans Remake: How To The Return To Mothership

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Destroy All Humans is back with a remake.

We can't wait to see what's to come, what are they bringing back and what's new?

Keep reading to found out how to return to the mothership in the new game.


Pox's Lab

In the original Destroy All Humans you would return to the mothership to upgrade your abilities, now you must use Pox's Lab.

To access upgrades the player must navigate to Pox's Lab once they select their save.

Here you can choose to either upgrade Crypto's abilities or the Saucer.

When selecting either option the player can cycle through a selection of upgrades ranging from the Zap-O-Matic to Psychokinesis for Crypto or Death Ray to Sonic Boom for the Saucer.


There are two main routes you can follow, each unlocking the next upgrade.

To purchase an upgrade you must use DNA which you can gather whilst in-game by killing entities, completing missions and more.

Below are images of Crypto's Upgrades.


Below are screenshots of the Saucer upgrades.