Destroy All Humans Remake: How To Beat Silhouette

Destroy All Humans is being remade, Crypto is back!

A really challenging part of the game was defeating Silhouette the antagonist of the game, many died time and time again trying to do so.

Keep reading to find out how to defeat Silhouette.

How To Defeat Silhouette

In the original game, Silhouette would have to be defeated during a boss fight.

Many found it extremely difficult and reached out for help in forums, here's some advice a player gave.

"Use your jetpack a lot when it becomes overwhelming with all the robots and M agents. Use a lot of Ion Bombs on her. Those do a lot of damage. Float in the air with your jetpack and drop Ion bombs down onto the robots to destroy them. Also, keep flying around and picking up ammo which can be found in crates and all around the area. Don't' give up and when you're low on health, just get away from the enemies with your jetpack, pick up ammo while your health is recharging, and get back in the fight. You've got to be patient and use caution to beat her."

There were multiple rotations of abilities to defeat her previously as the poster mentioned above it took a lot of patience and determination.

We currently don't know what defeating Silhouette will be like in the new game but we can't wait to see.

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