Xbox Series X And Series S Free Games: The Best Free Games For Your Next-Gen Console

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If you've just got your shiny new Xbox Series X or Series S console for the holidays, you may be stuck for choices of games.

You may also be a little strap for cash, so what can you do that's more cost effective.


There are so many great FREE games for Xbox that you need to dive into.

Here are some of the best free games for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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Sure, it's not for everyone, but Fortnite is inarguably the game of an entire generation in terms of its cultural impact.

Whether you're jumping in to complete challenges, looking for a Victory Royale, or just looking to hang out with your friends, Fortnite is Series S and Series X optimised – and you can play with friends on other platforms, too.


Apex Legends

Now into its seventh season of content, Apex Legends might be able to give Respawn's dormant Titanfall franchise a shot of life in the coming years.

A squad-based battle royale where trios duke it out with weapons and character-specific abilities, Apex Legends' greatest gift to the gaming world is its blend of fast movement, responsive shooting, and Ping system that means you don't need to connect a mic to come up with winning strategies.

Rocket League

Now available as a free-to-play game, Psyonix's worldwide phenomenon just gets better and better.


"Football with cars" may sound reductive, but in reality, Rocket League is much more than that – it's chaotic, competitive, and great fun with friends and limited-time modes keep things fresh from season to season.

Destiny 2

After a whole host of updates, both paid and free, Destiny 2 has become a truly excellent shooter/RPG hybrid.

While much of the free-to-play version's content is being "Vaulted", the game offers some of gaming's most satisfying shooting mechanics and both co-operative and competitive multiplayer.



Despite launching before the last console generation, Warframe has gone from strength to strength.

A game that puts players in the armour of a "Space Ninja" (seriously, how cool is that), players can carve through enemies with melee and third-person shooter combat, with a huge variety of mission types and randomly generated levels.


While MOBA titles have traditionally been most at home on PC, Smite shifts things to a third-person perspective.

Allowing players to take control of deities from mythology across the world, players can expect plenty of limited-edition content – including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

World of Tanks


Who doesn't love tanks?

World of Tanks has quietly grown into an incredibly popular vehicular shooter, with seemingly endless customisation and some amazing crossover content. In fact, at the time of writing, there's a Hot Wheels event going.