How to farm Recon Data in Destiny 2 Beyond Light - Season of the Hunt

Destiny 2 Beyond light launched with Season 12, Season of the Hunt and finally the latter is living up to its name!

Once you have met up with Osiris on the Moon and completed the other Season of the Hunt introduction missions, you’ll meet Crow.

This familiar face will offer you new bounties, and more importantly, give you Cryptolith Lure item.

If you want to upgrade the Lure’s potential you’ll need to earn some Recon Data!

Read our guide below on the best places to farm the new resource!

How to earn Recon Data

You can earn Recon Data from two places, and once you have it, you'll want to pass it over to Crow.

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This is what Crow's menu will look like

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The Paid Season Pass

This option will net you 30 Recon Data Total, with 10 at level 2 and a further 20 at level 12.

Though, while this can earn you one level with Crow, it’s definitely not an awful lot.

You’ll also be able to earn more Recon Data with the pass by reaching level 32 and level 72.

They will not net you direct bonuses, instead, you will earn more by completing the tasks below, Wrathborn hunts.

Wrathborn Hunts

This is the main activity for farming Recon Data.

By charging up the Lure you can start hunts which will each net you 5 Recon Data a pop.

But by completing hunts which reward Recon Data, you’ll earn more, an additional 12!

Additionally, as you earn Recon Data, turn it into Crow and unlock Reputation Boosts.

Much like the Season Pass rewards, Boost 1 and Boos 4 (earned at reputation levels 1 and 6 respectively) will increase the Recon Data you earn!

And there you have it!

Charge up your lures and get out there Guardian!

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