Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Everything We Know

Destiny 2 Beyond Light kicked off a new trio of expansions, and despite The Witch Queen not being out yet, we already know that Lightfall is next.

Surprising Destiny fans further, though, Bungie confirmed that the subsequent chapter of Destiny 2 will be called The Final Shape. Here's all we know.

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Final Shape Announcement - August 24

At the unveiling of The Witch Queen expansion Bungie noted that all of the franchise's narrative threads are heading towards a "dramatic conclusion".

Bungie describes it as a "transformative moment", instead of an ending.

Check it out at around one hour and twenty minutes of the stream below:

Destiny 2 Final Shape Release Date

The Witch Queen was delayed until 2022, and Lightfall is widely expected to arrive in 2023.

That places Final Shape at around 2024, if it is an expansion at all.

What Is Final Shape?

Bungie's wording was fairly vague on Final Shape. Is it a traditional expansion? Is it a pseudo reboot?

It sounds a lot like Bungie getting away from some of the convoluted lore that may have held newcomers back, and edging towards a more character-based story as we've seen in recent seasons.

We will, of course, update this as we hear more.

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