Destiny 2 Dawning Recipes List (2021): How To Get All Cookie Recipes and Dawning Ingredients

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The Destiny 2 Dawning Event for 2021 has returned and with it, the seasonal thrill of giving cookies to various NPC's dotted across the cosmos. As per usual, The Dawning is a free event for all players to join in and enjoy. Whilst the event itself brings plenty of festive joy to the game in the form of new quests, weapons and even snowballs to hurl at enemies, the main focus is one Eva Levante and her cookies.

Players are once again invited to earn ingredients in various ways during the event and bake cookies for characters using Eva's Holiday Oven. Most of the recipes and ingredients are the same as last year, but there is a few new tweaks worth checking before you start baking.


Without further ado, here's everything you need to know to get baking in Destiny 2.

Table of Contents

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Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 Ingredients List

In order to craft the cookies you need to earn your ingredients, which drop in various ways. Some from defeating certain enemies, others by defeating enemies with specific ways. This list will show you how to get all ingredients you'll need to bake your cookies.

Destiny 2 Dawing Ingredients How To Get
Balanced FlavoursKills with bows, sniper rifles, or scout rifles
Bullet SprayAutomatic kills
Cabal OilCabal kills
Chitin PowderHive kills
Dark Ether CaneScorn kills
Dark FrostingStasis kills
Delicious ExplosionExplosive kills
Electric FlavourArc kills
Ether CaneFallen kills
Finishing TouchFinisher kills
Flash of InspirationGenerate Orbs of Power
Impossible HeatSolar kills
Multifaceted FlavoursMulti-kills
Null TasteVoid kills
Perfect TastePrecision kills
Personal TouchMelee kills
Pinch of LightGenerate Orbs of Power
Sharp FlavourSword kills
Superb TextureSuper kills
Taken ButterTaken kills
Vex MilkVex kills

Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 Recipes List

Below you'll find a list to show you how to make every oven cookie recipe in Destiny 2 The Dawning. In addition to the ingredients listed, each recipe requires Essence of Dawning which is available from completing everyday activities. The amount of Essence of Dawning required is reduced after you've baked every recipe at least once.

Oven Recipe Ingredients Recipient Location
Ascendant Apple TartTaken Butter + Sharp FlavorMara SovThe Dreaming City
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin CookiesChitin Powder + Finishing TouchEris MornMoon
Bittersweet BiscottiDark Ether Cane + Balanced FlavorsCrowTangled Shore
Blueberry CrumblersEther Cane + Bullet SprayShawn HanCosmodrome
Bright Dusted SnowballChitin Powder + Multifaceted FlavorsTess EverisThe Tower
Burnt Edge TransitCabal Oil + Personal TouchMaster RahoolThe Tower
Candy Dead GhostsDark Ether Cane + Flash of InspirationSpiderTangled Shore
Chocolate Ship CookiesCabal Oil + Null TasteAmanda HollidayThe Tower
Classic Butter CookieTaken Butter + Superb TextureEva LevanteThe Tower
Cosmic Sugar CubeEarned in Dares of Eternity via the Treasure Ogre bossStarhorseEternity
Dark Chocolate MotesTaken Butter + Null TasteThe DrifterThe Tower
Eliksni BirdseedEther Cane + Personal TouchHawthorneThe Tower
Etheric ColdsnapsChitin Powder + Electric FlavorVariksEuropa
Gentleman's Shortbread Ether Cane + Perfect TasteDevrim KayEDZ
GjallardoodlesEther Cane + Delicious ExplosionZavalaThe Tower
Ill-Fortune CookiesDark Ether Cane + Impossible HeatPetra VenjDreaming City
Infinite Forest CakeVex Milk + Impossible HeatFailsafeNessus
Lavender Ribbon CookiesVex Milk + Personal TouchSaint-14Mercury
Strange CookiesTaken Butter + Electric FlavorXurEternity
Starwort ThinsDark Frosting + Dark Ether CaneExo StrangerThe Tower
Telemetry TapiocaVex Milk + Bullet SprayBanshee-44The Tower
Thousand-Layer CookieTaken Butter + Delicious ExplosionRivenLast Wish Raid
Traveler Donut HolesCabal Oil + Flash of InspirationIkora ReyThe Tower
Vanilla BladesCabal Oil + Sharp FlavorLord ShaxxThe Tower

How To Bake Cookies In Destiny 2 The Dawning

So you've got your ingredients? And you know the recipe for baking? Now what you need to do is bake the cookies before you can hand them off to each character.


You'll need to open your quest menu and from here you can use Eva’s Holiday Oven. It's here where players will need to combine two ingredients and a sprinkle of Essence of Dawning to bake each cookie. Once you've baked your cookie take it to the character in question.