Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Raid coming as part of Season 10?

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is almost here, and it brings with it a fresh Season Pass, new exotic items, and other new content. But will it bring a new Raid?

Raids are the pinnacle of Destiny's co-op content, offering tough encounters with puzzle mechanics for six-player teams.


We've got some bad news for anyone expecting a new one, though.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Raid Details

Unfortunately, there won't be a fresh raid in Season of the Worthy. That's because for the most part, raids have been tied to full expansions like Shadowkeep's Garden of Salvation Raid, or Forsaken's Last Wish.


It's not all bad news, though. There are some more PVE activities coming, while Trials of Osiris will offer endgame-level rewards. Best get polishing those Crucible skills, then.

Other News

Although there won't be a fresh raid in Season of the Worthy, there is plenty of other content and changes to look forward to.

For example, Armour 2.0 is changing, Bungie has acknowledged that the impact of acquiring, and min-maxing gear can be quite an arduous task as player collections grow, especially considering that armour also needs to drop with a specific elemental affinity.


With Destiny 2 Armour 2.0 revisions, players will be able to change the elemental affinity of their equipment (at a cost, obviously) and seasonal mod slots will cover the season in which the armour was found and the following season. This means you can hold on to that prime loot a little longer and the heartache of finding some better equipment with the wrong element will be a thing of the past.