Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Guide: How to get Felwinter's Lie legendary shotgun

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is continuing to offer up surprises, as players can now take on a new quest to earn Felwinter's Lie – a legendary shotgun from the first game.

Wondering how to complete the quest? Here are all the steps, as datamined by Ginsor.

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Destiny 2: "The Lie" Quest Guide

1) Speak to Ana Bray on Mars to kick things off.

2) Rasputin requires 3 million Seraph Tower events to be completed on Io, the Moon, and the EDZ (that's 9 million in total). Don't worry, it's a community event, so everyone will be chipping away at it.

3) Head back to Ana on Mars.

4) This step is entitled "Vostok", and will offer a mission to complete with areas where you can gather energy that Rasputin requires.

5) This step is simple – get shotgun kills. Don't forget that you can equip three shotguns at once if you're feeling fancy and have the required weapons that fit in each slot.

6) Head to the Lunar Seraph Bunker and follow the waypoint.

7) This looks like another bespoke mission, so expect more information on this once players have worked their way through those Seraph Tower events.

Felwinter's Lie itself has a fixed roll, with full choke, accurized rounds, slideshow, opening shot, and a masterwork that boosts its range. Its unique perk, Shot Package, means it acts like a shotgun with an aggressive frame but offers a more consistent spread of fire.

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