Destiny 2: When Does Season Of The Splicer End?

Destiny 2's current season, Season of the Splicer, has had players entering the Vex network and working with Mithrax to destroy the Endless Night.

It's been a fun one, with Override and Expunge marking two seasonal activities, but all good things must come to an end. Here's when Season of the Splicer ends.

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Destiny 2: When Does Season Of The Splicer End?

Season of the Splicer runs until August 24, meaning we're some way off the next season, Season 15.

Bungie has also confirmed that an event will be held on that day:

We hope you can join us on August 24 for some exciting news about the future of Destiny. These are our favorite times, and we look forward to sharing more with you, but for now... no spoilers.

The teaser image for the event is the Witch Queen's motif, so there's every chance we'll hear more about the game's next year then.

What's interesting is that while seasons have traditionally run for three months, The Witch Queen isn't arriving until 2022 - suggesting that Season 15 could run for much longer than a standard season would, or we could have a bonus Season 16 shoved in the gap.

In any case, at the time of writing you've got just over a month to finish off your season pass before the next one begins.

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