Destiny 2 Ruinous Effigy Guide: How to complete the "Growth" Exotic Quest

Destiny 2 has another new exotic to chase, and this one is worth the grind.

Ruinous Effigy, an exotic trace rifle, causes enemies to collapse in on themselves into Void Transmutation spheres. Lovely.

Here's how to get one for yourself.

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Destiny 2 Growth Quest Guide

To kick off the quest, you'll need to have the Prismatic Recaster. Worry not, we've got an entire guide on how to get it here. Grab the quest from the Recaster in the Tower.

All done? Good, now you'll want to run the "Means to an End" weekly quest that requires you to complete the "Contact" public event type.

If nothing else, it looks "Ruinous"
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It's actually a little quicker to run the Reckoning, so do that, and then follow these steps:

1) Complete the mission "Interference" on Io.

At the end of the mission, interact with the branch near Eris to trigger the next step.

2) Collect Calcified Light and Defeat Marionettes

Head to Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan and open your Ghost. Keep an eye out for objective markers, and track them to earn Calcified Lights.

You'll need 25, and you'll find ten on Io and five on the other planets. YouTuber Giffo has found them all below.

It's then time to farm Marionettes. The Contact event is occurring on the Siren's Watch area of Titan, but there's a nifty trick to slay more of the Marionettes.

Simply activate the event, then travel to The Rig area of Titan and slay as many Marionettes as you can find. Once the event ends, head back and reactivate it.

Each time you do so, you'll need to slay multiple mini-bosses called Disruptors. There are Blade, Shield, and Blight ones, and you'll know which is spawning because of the chat. The key thing is that once you find them, a Marionette will either be with them or will appear after you kill them.

Rinse and repeat until you've killed the fifteen required.

3) Finish Gambit Matches or Reckoning Rounds/Grab Void Kills/Chain Precision Kills

Despite having three objectives, this step is simple. Gambit is an option, but we'd suggest Reckoning to burn through enemies.

Select your Void subclass and weapons, and wreck shop (while aiming for the head).

Before long you'll have a special engram to turn in at the Recaster (where it all started), and you can turn it into the Ruinous Effigy.

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